My Rights

My Rights

Young people have rights. You deserve respect, NOT fear...

and that includes sex and relationships. You have the right to stay safe and healthy within your relationships. You have the right to have sex but you also have the right to say NO to sex if you don't want to. It is your body and it is your choice.

No-one has the right to hurt you or make you do anything that feels wrong.  Abuse can be many different things. It can be emotional, physical or sexual. The most important thing to know, is that abuse of any kind, in any relationship is never the fault of the person who is being abused. There are four main kinds of abuse.

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is if someone threatens you or calls you nasty names. Someone who shouts at you all the time and is constantly dissing you which makes you feel really bad.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is if someone uses their power to try and control you.  They might always be checking up on you, demanding to know where you are all the time, checking your phone or stopping you from seeing your friends. Often when these people try to pressure you into sex, they will say stuff like  " If you loved me, you would do it."

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is if someone is physically hurting you in any way, like hitting, pushing, hair pulling ,slapping or throwing things.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is if someone forces you into sex when you don't want it  or threatens you if you do not have sexual contact with them.

Getting help

If you are in an abusive relationship it's really important to remember that you have done absolutely nothing wrong. You need to get the right support to make sure that you are OK and any abuse does not continue.

If you have experienced any form of abuse it can be really hard to talk about it. You might feel very scared about what will happen to you if you speak out. Sometimes people who have been abused  even worry that no one will believe them.

It is really important not to let  fear stop you from getting help. You could tell a good friend, a teacher, youth worker or family member about what's going on so they can help make sure you're safe. You can call us at St Mary's on 01983 534202 . It is absolutely confidential.  We won't tell anyone.

If you ever feel you are in serious danger and are very frightened , call the Police.


  • You have the right to be safe. You will not be punished if you tell a health professional that you feel unsafe or threatened in any way by anyone - including family members.
  • Your truth will always be believed - you should  seek help the minute you feel uncomfortable, confused or scared.
  • Your body is your own.  No one else can touch it unless you want them too. It's fine to say 'NO'.
  • Some secrets should never be kept. Abusers and bullies often say 'it's our secret' or even threaten the safety of other family members.
  • No harm will come to you or your loved ones if you tell the truth about abuse.

If you're scared...

  • Yell, kick, scream, lie or run away.
  • Have a code word or sign that you can give to someone you trust if you are worried.