What happens next?

What happens next?

Your confidential results will be sent to you usually within two weeks. If you choose a text this will always be sooner and sometimes as quick as 4 days.

Although most people want their result to be sent in a text message, some people prefer a phone call or an email. Occasionally some people people prefer a letter, although we have to put Private and Confidential on the envelope so this might not be the best option for you.

If you are concerned or haven't heard from us then give us a ring (01983 534202) or email.

My result has come back negative

This means you don't have Chlamydia. It's great that you’ve taken the test and you know that you know you do not have Chlamydia.

Remember! You can still catch Chlamydia in the future so make sure you take a new test every 6 months, every time you have a new partner and ALWAYS USE A CONDOM.

My result has come back positive

This means you have Chlamydia but don’t panic as the next bit is really easy.

You’ll be asked to ring us (01983 534202) to arrange your free treatment. Not much credit? Don't worry, we can ring you straight back.

We only need to speak to you for a few minutes. We'll run through a few simple questions and arrange treatment that's convenient for you.

You can ask us any questions that you may have – remember there is never a silly question and we’re happy to talk about any concerns you have.

How do I get treated?

  • Treatment is FREE and is usually four antibiotic tablets.
  • Some people (e.g. if you're pregnant) will be given slightly different antibiotic tablets.
  • You must take all the tablets for the treatment to work.
  • You must have no sex, even with a condom, until you and your partner have been treated and waited 7 days. This is REALLY important.
  • After 7 days we will ring you to check everything is ok.
  • We would also recommend that you get tested for other STI’s as well. Remember – you have caught Chlamydia so you may have caught something else.
  • To make sure you are all clear, you can take another test after 3 weeks from your treatment.


Do I have to tell my partner?

We know it can be difficult talking about having Chlamydia but it's really important that they are told. We can do this anonymously for you if it's any easier, but if they are not  told:

  • Re infection is highly likely if you have sex, including oral sex, with them again.
  • Your partner(s) could develop serious health problems.
  • Your partner(s) will probably spread this to new people.

Telling current and recent ex-partners is really important:

  • It is being responsible and mature.
  • It will help to cut down the number of people with Chlamydia and therefore reduce the chances of you and others getting it again.

Who tells my partner(s)?

It's up to you who tells your current and recent partners about this.

If you don't feel comfortable telling you partner(s) we are happy to contact them for you in confidence. All we will need is your partner's contact details.


Remember it is not about blame but about looking after each other.

Once your partner know,  it is their responsibility to seek help and your responsibility to protect yourself from re-infection.


Always wear condoms to avoid getting Chlamydia again. They help to stop spreading Chlamydia but you still need to take a test every 6 months and with every new partner.

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