What is the test?

What is the test?

The good news is the test for Chlamydia is really simple and FREE - it's easy as 1..2..Pee (no poking and prodding!).

No matter where on the Island you get your test from it will be the same – all you do is pee in a pot, fill out a short form and post your kit for FREE. In some places they will do everything for you (except for peeing!).

To view the simple instructions for doing a test please click here. You can also view or download an information leaflet by clicking here.

Chlamydia Testing is a completely CONFIDENTIAL service. We take your name, date of birth, postcode and contact details so we can give your results to you and only you. We normally send a text to your mobile unless you want your result in a different way. For more info on results and what happens next click here.

Where can I get a test from?

You can get a Chlamydia kit in a number of ways.

  • You can get a kit sent to you in the post by clicking here.
  • Free tests are available across the Island, including all GP Practices and Pharmacies. To see the full list click here.
  • Finally, Jo does testing across the Island so look out for her in Schools, the College, Night Clubs and other different venues. Click here if you'd like to contact Jo about coming to you.

Where to get help