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Sex and Relationships.


Are you in a relationship or cheerfully single? Are you enjoying the kind of sex you're having, or are you happy not having any sex at all at the moment?

Everyone is a wonderfully unique individual who deserves to be happy and that means making sure you are absolutely happy with the choices you make.  No one has the right to force you into anything, so only ever have sex if you are truly sure you want too and remember it is always ok to say ‘NO’ or ‘STOP’ if you don’t want to continue.  This is true the first and every time you have sex.

Having sex should be great and loads of fun, but it must also be safe!

If you are thinking about having sex, then it is important that you are ready to take responsibility for it.

You must make sure that you get the right advice to protect yourself against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

There’s heaps of information on this site about everything you need to know.  If there’s anything you don’t understand, just call or make an appointment to come and see us.  We’re in the sexual health clinic at St Mary’s Hospital on 01983 534202.

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