What is Chlamydia?

What is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is the most common Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) and it affects both men and women.

Most people who have it do not have any signs or symptoms. That means you could catch it without ever knowing. The only way you can know 100% is by getting tested. That's why it's really important to pee in a pot:

  • If you have ever had sex.
  • Every time you have a new partner.
  • Every 6 months.

Gay/Bi/Straight?? You still need to get tested as Chlamydia affects EVERYONE.

Chlamydia can make you very ill unless you get tested and treated. The sooner you are treated the better and treatment is quick and free

ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. Using a condom (you can get them for FREE!) is the best way to protect yourself but you are still at risk so you still need to get tested.

How do I get Chlamydia?

You can only get Chlamydia from someone who already has it by any of the following:

  • Having vaginal, anal or oral sex.
  • By sharing sex toys.
  • From a mother to her baby during birth.
  • In genital fluids on your fingers.

Is Chlamydia really that bad?

Chlamydia is SERIOUS. It affects both men and women  and can really damage your health:

  • It can make you infertile (not being able to have kids).
  • It can spread to other parts of your body (boys - this includes your balls!).
  • It can cause ectopic pregnancies (where the baby develops in the tube because the egg didn’t reach the womb) which can be life threatening.

The more times you catch Chlamydia, and the longer you leave it until you get tested and treated, the more dangerous it can be. For more info on the effects of Chlamydia click here.

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