This page is for venues (e.g. General Practices / Youth Clubs etc) that want to know how to order stock related to sexual health services. This information is  for professionals who have received the appropriate training.

If you have not received the training, but are interested in offering these services, please contact Steph Barnes at steph.barnes@iow.nhs.uk

On this page you will be able to download the following:

Order forms: On the right hand side you will find a condom distribution order form. 

Registration form: On the right hand side you can download the latest condom distribution scheme registration form. This form is used when signing up a young person to the condom distribution scheme.

General guide: This guide (also on the right hand side) provides information for professionals who have completed the face-to-face training and want to start offering these sexual health services. This explains the process for becoming a registered venue and how to order stock.